Situated in an establish neighborhood rich with mature trees, Orchard House was envisioned by its owners as a place with a strong connection to the outdoors while creating a warm, open, and contemporary living space for their family of four. As the project evolved, a strong relationship with the client developed. The result is a home uniquely suited to the family that also feels harmonious with the surrounding environment.

Materials used on the exterior are plaster, Ipe siding, standing seam metal roof and re-sawn red oak T&G wood veneer at the underside of overhangs and patios. Materials used on the inside are similar to blur the distinction between the interior and exterior. Strengthening the connection to the outdoors are also larger areas of full height glass which span up directly against the ceiling underside.

Holding up the low sloped roof are exposed ‘I’ beams which the client finished herself with a black patina which contrasts nicely with the wood ceiling. Furniture in the house was milled from on site walnut trees and crafted into furniture designed by the clients.

Orchard House

Bakersfield, California

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